Building Community through the Arts

An arts non-profit that seeks to build community by supporting artists’ careers from the studio-level all the way to the museum-level: locally and internationally.

Understanding that the most critical component of the success of an artist’s career is their space to paint, The Clementina Arts Foundation started this program to unite landlords that have commercial vacancies with emerging artists looking for space to work.

With Arts education in America at a dismal low, The Clementina Arts Foundation decided it could not stand idly by while the children of our nation face an academic future devoid of the Arts. To combat this, Kid+Contemporary was formed.

Special Situations Support

Clementina believes in the power of arts in building community and empowering people—fully! Taking from Clementina’s values, it will give back at its own reach to museums or will structure ways to get others to fund them. Museums are incredibly important to the career of artists and in turn they also give back greatly to the community in the form of empowering people of all ages.