Our Mission

Our mission is to uplift and empower our community by supporting
emerging artists’ careers from the studio-level to the museum-level,
both locally and internationally.

The Clementina Arts Foundation’s objective is to fund three crucial programs with three distinct objectives:

  • Kid+Contemporary Program: We provide kids ages 10-17 the rare opportunity to visit collectors’ homes or private museums and be granted a tour by the collector of their collection accompanied by lunch with the collector.
  • Sprouting Spaces Program: We solve emerging and mid-career artists’ number one cost: affordability of space to create. By partnering with landlords who have commercial vacancies, we help artists create stress-free and expand their work’s horizon while also bringing visual culture to communities.
  • Special Support Museum Project Funding: We help museums by serving as a conduit to our network and influence, and our ongoing promotion of their special situation funding needs for special projects that fall out of their existing budgets.

Our Roots

Clementina was an off-shoot of the Alvarez Gallery, which began Sprouting Spaces in 2011 after seeing so many commercial vacancies in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. By negotiating with conscious landlords, Sprouting Spaces was born, and years later, Clementina Arts Foundation.

The Clementina Arts Foundation Today

Board members

Fernando Luis Alvarez


Lee Smalter

Richard Leonard

Jose Cuartas

Construction and Real State Advisor

Tully Robinson

Technology Advisor