2018/19 Sprouting Space Location:


Wilton River Park Shopping Center

Old Ridgefield Rd. & Godfrey Pl.

Wilton, CT 06897

Ben Quesnel

Undelivered materialized when Ben Quesnel and his friend discovered two abandoned mail trucks in the woods of northern Connecticut. The two of them rummaged through the old broken down trucks that had sunk twelve inches into the ground. They opened the doors to find a crumbling interior, some clothes left behind, and nests from animals that once occupied the space. Underneath it all they found a box of mail dating back to 1982, pieces of undelivered messages that never made it to their final destination.


Quesnel took an interest in these trucks and the expeditions they took. The trucks once served as a means for people to connect with one another, but now remain inoperable. They were left abandoned with pieces of mail that never reached their destination. Quesnel wonders how many important messages never made it to their recipient? Not only does he consider the unexpected occurrences disrupting the line of transportation, but he also thinks about the messages that we never send. How often have we wanted to say something to someone, but did not?


Using one of the abandoned trucks and pieces of undelivered mail as the center of his installation, Quesnel will provide an interactive space where visitors will discover elements of sound, video, and have the opportunity to read and even create their own pieces of mail art related to the theme Undelivered.


Quesnel is asking the community to get involved in this project by creating a letter, poem, or piece of mail art that contains a message that one might have wanted to send or say to someone currently or in the past, but never did. This can be real, imaginative, romantic, grim, poetic, political, It is the creators’ choice. The pieces that are created will exist in the installation where visitors will be able to discover the messages that people have submitted.


Quesnel will also be working closely with local organizations in Wilton, Connecticut to develop art programming and community outreach events that will inspire and create new connections.


For more information, check out Ben’s Facebook and website

Undelivered, 2018 – 2019.

Mended pieces 1, 2016.

Prescribed ruins/ take 2, 2018.


Wilton, CT Sprouting Spaces 2017-18



The Marsted Curatorial Fellow for Contemporary Art at Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art


Eileen Doyle is the Marsden Curatorial Fellow for Contemporary Art at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, where she works with artists at all states of their careers. She has collaborated with emerging artists at Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT in their Step Up series. She has also worked for The Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, New York and taught at New York University. She holds a PhD in Modern and Contemporary Art from The Ohio State University.



Independent Art Adviser


Alexandra Porter is an independent art adviser based in New York.  She works with a range of collectors from novice to virtuoso, building a collection for the first time or pursuing accessions to supplement an existing one, and also with businesses, estates and private patrons on sourcing, acquisition strategy, sales and curatorial projects. She works with a roster of both established and emerging artists in the US, Europe and Australia. She previously was an Artist Liaison at Pace Gallery and in Development for Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s. Alexandra holds a BA in Art History from Georgetown University.



Is founder and curator of Building Bridges International Art Foundation in Los Angeles.


She has been an international curator and jury of various biennials and important prizes with the Ministry of Culture of Mexico, Chile, Argentina, USA, Qatar, and Sharjah. Marisa studied in the University of Buenos Aires and has a Master Degree in Art History, Restoration and Psychology.  Also an artist, her has been showcased in Brazil, Mexico, Qatar, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Spain, Japan, Korea, China, Argentina as well as in New York and Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Fe within the United States.