Special situations museum support

You have reached Clementina’s Special Situation Museum Support Unit because you have an invitation below.

For the last decade Clementina Arts Foundation’s Special Situation Funding unit has been a loyal supporter of the Louvre Museum, From sponsoring the Joseph Kosuth ongoing exhibition to supporting the museum with our network. The unit seeks to introduce patrons to the museums by supporting and acquiring tables of their galas. We then invite patrons like you to attend. The concept has been effective for these museums as our selected and curated patrons learn about the institution and grow with the institution or Clementina thereafter.


Starting last year, Clementina began supporting the Museum of Modern Art Bogota gala which was then led by Claudia Hakim who did an extraordinary job.


This year’s gala, El Quinto Elemento, will be held on September 21st. and

we are inviting our beloved patrons including you.


Date: September 21, 2024

Location: Chamorro City Hall, Bogota


Participation Fee $ 450


I cannot attend but I would like to donate to Clementina (Click here)